Mediafin, the publisher of business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo, is concluding a strategic partnership with leading PR companies Bepublic and Bereal. With this collaboration, Mediafin, which will wholly own both companies, is enhancing its offering of communication solutions for its commercial partners. For Bepublic and Bereal, the collaboration is an additional boost to their strong growth of the past years. In addition, they’ll be able to offer their clients an even bigger reach.

Bereal and Bepublic will reinforce Mediafin’s commercial teams as of 1 January 2018. The 16 consultants they employ will all find a home at Mediafin. Managing partners Jeroen Wils, Carine Grevendonk, and Dajo Hermans will continue to run the teams after the takeover. They will work hand in glove with the specialists at Content Republic and Comfi, Mediafin’s brands for content publishing and financial PR.

These past few years, Bepublic and Bereal made their way to the summit of Belgium’s PR landscape, while both their turnover and profitability soared. Both PR companies retain their own specificity, but in Mediafin they’ll find the scale needed to perpetuate their growth.

We and Mediafin share the same passion for relevant content in a journalistic context. Our customers will still be able to rely on our quality services, complemented with the additional communication platforms that Mediafin offers.

Jeroen Wils, Managing Director Bepublic

Complete communication strategy

For Mediafin’s clients, the acquisition of Bepublic and Bereal means that the media company can provide them with even more complete solutions for their various communication needs.

Increasingly, customers come knocking on our door for advice with their global communication strategy. This partnership with Bepublic and Bereal completes our PR offering.

Frederik Delaplace, CEO Mediafin

Bepublic, founded in 2012, is the brainchild of former journalist Jeroen Wils and PR expert Carine Grevendonk. With their explicitly journalistic approach to public relations, they assist an ever-growing range of companies, organisations, and authorities to effectively spread their messages. Bepublic offers its clients corporate journalism solutions, strategic communication advice, crisis communication, and media training. Clients include such companies as Telenet, Securitas, Thomas Cook, and Eneco. Every autumn, Bepublic also organizes Leadersmeeting@Paris, one of the most successful networking events of Belgian corporate life.

Bereal came into being in 2014, originating from the collaboration between Wils, Grevendonk, and Dajo, former journalist and real estate communication expert. Today, Bereal is the only PR agency in the country that specializes in real estate communication. Bereal works in the same way as Bepublic but is specifically oriented towards companies related to the real estate industry. Clients include such names as Century 21, Triple Living, Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS, and Montea.