This weekend, from Friday 19 to Saturday 20 November, Bepublic Group is organising its thirteenth Leaders Meeting. A networking event – Corona-proof of course – where Belgian entrepreneurs, politicians, and inspiring guests come together to reflect on current themes in our society. This year, it’s ‘Reboot’.

What other theme than ‘Reboot’ would be more appropriate after the improbable Covid-19 pandemic that is – hopefully – almost a thing of the past? We are all facing a situation that no one could have foreseen on this global scale. And the next big challenge is already rearing its head. The fight against global warming is in full swing and, whether we like it or not, this will also require a major reboot by all of us.

So is it now up to all of us to decide whether we’re going to pick up where we left off or if we’re going to do things differently? Do we wipe the slate clean and write a new and better story?

Managing directors Anja Peleman and Sara Vercauteren, together with Hassan Al Hilou (Capital), give young people in Brussels a voice in the media.

For two days, top speakers will inspire the guests with their vision of our society.

Among others, Guillaume Boutin (CEO Proximus) will elaborate on how leaders can ride the wave of innovation created by the digitalisation of society. Young entrepreneurs Hassan Al Hilou (founder of Capital), Yana Seel (CEO Astana Premier Tech); and Audrey Hanard (Chair of the bpost Board of Directors) sit down together to reflect on how they have experienced a Reboot in their jobs over the past year. Star chef Seppe Nobels underwent a clear reboot: he stopped cooking at Graanmarkt 13 and started a new project called Instroom, where he cooks with asylum seekers and refugees. Nafi Thiam, current Olympic champion, will also take the time to share her inspiring story during Leaders Meeting.

Definitely food for thought.

Star chef Seppe Nobels cooks with asylum seekers and refugees

P.S.: organising an event in these times obviously isn’t easy. We’ll be working with a Covid Safe Ticket and all attendees will be tested on-site. Safety first.