Eighteen months ago, I was the social media manager for one of the largest Facebook pages in Belgium; the one run by the Walibi theme park. Surprising some 350,000 followers every day with news updates about attractions, events and influencers who had visited the park was no easy job. But it did help me prepare for my current role as a PR Consultant. My best advice? Share your stories which are published in mainstream media on social media too. And vice versa.

It’s fairly straightforward that these days you should share the media articles and stories on you and your company on social media. But over time we’ve learned that PR managers tend not to bother keeping an eye on their company’s social media channels. These are often managed by someone else. Our advice? Work together. So that your social media colleague knows what you’re saying to the press and you know what will appear on social media.

Short stories, interesting messages

Which social media posts are of interest to journalists? A post about a colleague who spends his free time doing amateur dramatics and who is now appearing in a major production, for example. Or an employee who portrays your company in a good light during Volunteers’ Week by volunteering to help others after hours. Or a team member who runs, cycles and swims after work and is taking part in an Ironman event next year.

These might sound like minor stories but they could very well appeal to a local journalist. So grab a coffee and have a chat with your social media colleague. But listen to other workers’ questions too, or complaints from your colleagues during lunch. You can find stories everywhere. With the right approach, you’ll generate increased visibility. And, who knows, your story may end up going viral.

P.S. Sharing a press story on social media? Make sure you post a link to a digital version of the article and not to a pdf. This would be a breach of copyright, as the article was published in the paper. And no, you can’t use the photo from the newspaper article either.