From media and camera training to public speaking, personal branding and crisis communication

Today, Friday 1 December 2023, Bepublic Group PR and strategic communications agency is launching Beready. Beready is Bepublic Group’s range of training courses and coaching tracks intended for organisations and individuals: from CEOs and experts to opinion leaders and spokespersons or other public figures such as politicians and celebrities. The broad offering extends from media or camera training, to crisis communication, public speaking and personal branding coaching. Each training course is tailored to the trainee’s needs and is provided by seasoned Bepublic Group trainers, who have worked as spokespersons, reporters, TV anchors or directors at newsrooms themselves.

With Beready, we are purposively investing in a new business line for Bepublic Group. We had already been staging training courses for our clients but we are looking to substantially expand these activities over the years ahead. We have an in-house team of experienced coaches, who have worked in front of the camera or the mic themselves in their previous occupation as spokespersons or as TV or radio reporters. Who better to teach you the tricks of the trade?”

Anja Peleman and Sara Vercauteren, managing directors Bepublic Group

Beready: tailored training courses including hands-on, practice-based insights

Beready’s offering consists of a range of training courses and coaching tracks, through which Bepublic Group sets out to assist businesses and individuals in need of coaching with giving interviews, dealing with journalists and potentially awkward questions in the course of media training sessions. We also plan specific sessions on how to attract media attention and how to write the right kind of press releases. Anyone who has ever been interviewed in front of a camera knows it is a good idea to be well prepared. Camera training enables people to practise in highly realistic conditions in front of the camera, either in the form of a traditional interview or as part of a panel debate.

As a CEO, politician or as an expert, it is important to be ‘renowned’ for something. Which is why Beready offers a personal branding coaching track that seeks out personal stories that will lend added weight to your reputation.

“In much the same way as athletes spend the entire year training with top coaches in order to reach their peak at the right time, our trainers are on hand to assist our clients face the public properly prepared and at ease, while being themselves. Sometimes of your own choosing, and at other times when you would rather not be answering questions. Our coaches’ experience in the world of journalism enables us to help our clients focusing on one specific point in time, such as the change of CEO at Belgian shoe retailers Schoenen Torfs, where our input proved valuable. Or dig into what it is that sets our clients apart in their sector, allowing them to build a strong reputation in specific topics, as we did for lady entrepreneur Stéphanie Ouachan of Striktly. Always tailored, always with the same goal in mind: Beready!”

Anja Peleman and Sara Vercauteren, managing directors Bepublic Group

As part of the public speaking or presentation techniques training course, we use a raft of practical exercises on how to take the floor in front of an audience, give presentations or raise your profile in a debate. Creating greater impact on social media is something you learn in a social media training course, whereas being prepared for any crisis to avoid or reduce reputational damage is featured in a crisis communication workshop.

For spokespersons, we run a specific track in various modules to get the hang of the tricks of the trade. Bepublic Group also guides businesses with the recruitment of new spokespersons or communication managers.

Following Bepublic, Bereal and Befirm, now also Beready

Under the Bepublic header, Bepublic Group assists a number of profit as well as non-profit businesses and organisations from a broad spectrum of sectors with their PR and strategic communications. With Bereal, the PR agency has the specific expertise for real estate and local community communications. And with Befirm, senior consultants work to serve the specific needs and requirements of a considerable number of financial players. Now adding to this line-up is Beready.

As recently as this month, the PR and strategic communications agency was singled out for praise at the Best of Reputation Awards as PR agency of the year, in addition to taking home no fewer than six BORA Awards for its communications efforts for Torfs, Striktly, Decathlon and Stop Darmkanker.

Check out Beready’s comprehensive service offering at here. Get in touch by sending an e-mail to or give us a call on 02/422.05.34 for a tailored training course.