Bepublic Group, the public relations and strategic communications agency, is teaming up with the non-profit organisation Women on Board, which is dedicated to gender diversity on boards of directors.

“Inclusion and diversity are themes on which we like to make a difference. This partnership is therefore a logical step for us”, say managing directors Sara Vercauteren and Anja Peleman of Bepublic Group. “Our partnership will drive greater awareness for Women on Board and thus lead to more appointments of women as boards members”, says Trees Paelinck, Managing Director of Women on Board.

Women on Board aims to support diverse governance within organisations and companies. To achieve this, the association puts its 300-plus female members in touch with the business world. But Women on Board also conducts research, organises events and guides young female talent along the path to success.

“Research shows that companies with women at the top are more than 34% more profitable than the industry average. Emphasis is also placed on the green transition of companies with women on their boards, one of the key challenges today. In other words, it’s interesting for everyone, professionals and companies alike, to aspire to gender diversity at the top.” – Trees Paelinck, General Manager of Women on Board

Trees Paelinck, general manager Women on Board

Since last year, Women on Board has been working with the public relations and communications agency Bepublic Group. From strategic communications workshops to journalistic PR, from writing opinion articles to publishing on social networks.

“Bepublic Group provides us with solid, multi-faceted support. They also understand our mission very well. For example, Bepublic Group’s director and PR consultant Sofie Peeters, known for her sensitivity to gender issues, has produced several videos for us. This allows us to present ourselves and give digital visibility to our talent pool. The fact that Bepublic Group has now entered into a partnership with us shows that they truly support our mission.”

Trees Paelinck, general manager Women on Board

More specifically, the partnership involves Bepublic Group providing pro bono support to the non-profit organisation for a number of missions.“As female CEOs, we have both feet firmly planted in professional reality and we realise better than anyone that female talent is still often undervalued. With this substantial partnership, we want to promote gender diversity in companies and help other professional women.” – Sara Vercauteren and Anja Peleman, managing directors of Bepublic Group

Sara Vercauteren and Anja Peleman, managing directors Bepublic Group