The international PR network PR World Alliance (PRWA) has welcomed Bepublic Group as its latest member. The decision to have Bepublic Group join its ranks was unanimously approved by the members of the PR network this week. This instantly makes Bepublic Group the only PR agency in Belgium to be a member of the PWRA. The network, which consists of independent communication agencies across all continents, will enable Bepublic Group to further expand the press relations of international businesses and organisations with support from local PR agencies across the globe.

The growth of PR and strategic communication agency Bepublic Group is showing no signs of slowing down. Aside from acquiring new clients such as, Saxo Bank and Decathlon, it has now taken the next step on its journey. Through the international PR World Alliance network, the Brussels-based PR and strategic communications agency will gain access to the PR expertise of various other agencies in locations as diverse as the Netherlands, the United States and even South Korea. Going forward, this will result in Bepublic Group being able to provide even better advice to its clients on their international press relations and communication strategies. On top of that, Bepublic Group will also be able to recruit extra clients through its international PR partners, and the various agencies will also exchange experiences and inspiration.

“By joining PRWA, we’re expanding our horizons here at Bepublic Group; not just for our own sake, but also for our current clients who operate internationally. As a member of PRWA, we will be able to guide our clients in their PR activities on an international scale even better than we did before. We’re genuinely looking forward to working with the other agencies in the network and inspiring one another. In fact, the first few projects have already got off the ground.

Anja Peleman & Sara Vercauteren, Managing Directors Bepublic Group

“Bepublic joining PRWA marks an important step in the growth of our network. In addition to European expansion, we’ve also achieved significant growth over the past few years in South America, the US and Asia, meaning we can now handle international projects no matter the size. Bepublic has already proven through various projects that is perfectly capable of matching the high standard of quality of the agencies in our network. We’re extremely pleased to have them on board.”

Marianne Van Barneveld, owner of Marcommit PR in the Netherlands and chair of the international PR World Alliance network

As we speak, the PRWA membership includes PR agencies from 14 different countries, operating in over 30 countries ranging from North America and South America to Europe and Asia. Aside from Bepublic Group in Belgium, the following 16 agencies also form part of the network: USA (Denterlein, Feintuch, Stanton), Sweden (Nowa Empower), Argentina (Minerba), Switzerland (Voxia), Italy (Seci), France (Cap & Cime, Kable Communication), South Korea (Communications Korea), Poland (NBS), the Netherlands (Marcommit), Germany (Panama PR), Turkey (Persona), Croatia (Briefing) and Brazil (XCOM). By joining PRWA, Bepublic Group automatically gains access to TheNetworkOne: a broader network of over 1000 agencies across more than 100 countries.