Content creation

Not only do we make sure that your story is strong enough in terms of content and news value, we also provide a visual aspect. We love to support your story or press release with an animated video, posts on social media, creative visual material such as graphics, an online round-table debate, a podcast or vodcast or an influencer campaign. We have the right people in-house (host, director, scriptwriter, designer, etc.) and we also regularly work with our high-quality network of partners. Would you like to discuss how we can support you with content? Feel free to contact us.

Which content can we help you with?

  • Online newsroom
  • Social media content
  • Social media videos
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Online talk shows or roundtables
  • Animated videos
  • Podcast or vodcast


Saxo Bank


Saxo wants to highlight its expertise in an attractive way on its own social media channels. In this way, they want to feed their (potential) customers with all kinds of information that may be of interest to investors.


We develop posts for Saxo from A to Z for Facebook and LinkedIn, always accompanied by an appropriate visual. Our starting point is often the fascinating insights shared by their experts in the media. We choose an interesting quote or surprising figures and create a visual with accompanying copy. For podcasts or camera interviews, we make a video with an interesting clip.

Hillewaere Verzekeringen


Every quarter, together with Hillewaere’s experts, we zoom in on one insurance topic such as cybersecurity. In collaboration with the experts, we build up each recording based on a predefined scenario. Afterwards, not only is the integral vodcast distributed, but short fragments are cut up and turned into powerful content for Hillewaere’s own channels.


Every quarter, we create a video podcast (vodcast).



Twice a year, we make a video for Montea in which CEO Jo De Wolf clarifies the (half-)year results of the listed company.


We determine the right content in advance – together with the client. It is important to always explain the most relevant things in human language and to the point. We write a scenario containing a few key messages and appropriate images. Then we go on location to record and eventually edit the video in Montea’s house style.