Real estate communication

A successful real estate project stands or falls with good and timely communication. At Bepublic Group, we have specific expertise in real estate communication under the name ‘Bereal’. Together we look at what is going on in the neighbourhood and bring this information clearly to the neighbourhood, the stakeholders and the press. Neighbourhood newspaper, information moment, website, press release? We do everything we can to create support for your project. We also help you with a comprehensive PR strategy for other milestones. Got a permit? Laying a foundation stone, planting a maypole or moving to a new building? Or another important milestone? You have come to the right place to bring your real estate project to the right stakeholders through the right channels. Would you like to discuss how we can support you with your real estate communication? Feel free to reach out to us.

How can we support you ?

  • Media relations
  • Press moments
  • Local stakeholder analysis
  • Neighbourhood communication plan
  • Participation process
  • Content creation (videos, flyers, website, podcast, …)
  • Social media support




In response to rising prices and the scarcity of quality housing on the rental market, we pitch President Filip Dewaele as a rental expert on the political current affairs show De Zevende Dag to debate the issue. During the broadcast, he will go into debate with, among others, Flemish minister Matthias Diependaele.


In the days and hours leading up to the debate, we provide continuous guidance and consultation, including in the form of a sophisticated Q&A and a comprehensive advisory note. As a result, Filip is perfectly aware of the opinions of his fellow table guests and well prepared for the debate.



Developer and investor Nextensa wants to conduct a strategically prepared press communication on how the transformation of the Tour & Taxis site is entering its final phase. The key message is that the development at the site is an international exemplary project.


We organise a press conference for Dutch- and French-speaking journalists and stakeholders. Afterwards, we distribute an extensive press release. We also provided neighbourhood briefings and organised a number of follow-up moments with the media to keep them informed of developments on the site.



At the start of each year, real estate agent ERA looks back at the evolutions in the Belgian housing market using a scientifically based and data-driven barometer.


Together with Professor Sven Damen (UA), we review the most striking trends to determine newsworthy angles. We organise a press conference and brief all the relevant media. As an offshoot, we will organise a round table on the future of housing in which CEO Johan Krijgsman, Flemish Minister Matthias Diependaele and Flemish master builder Eric Wieërs will go into debate.