Financial Communication

Within Bepublic Group, Befirm specialises in financial and corporate communications. Befirm’s senior consultants assist dozens of national and international financial players in their external communications in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This streamlined communication results in many interviews, exclusive and otherwise, with the leadership of these clients in the main Tier 1 media. It ensures that Befirm is the preferred point of contact for these media for in-depth insights into the financial world. For each of these clients, Befirm provides a customised rollout of strategic communications plans. Would you like to discuss how we can support you with your financial communication? Feel free to reach out to us.

How can we support you ?

  • Fund management communication
  • M&A communicatie
  • Results communication
  • Storytelling
  • Fact sheets
  • Annual reports
  • IPO communication
  • News videos & podcasts (e.g. on quarterly results)
  • Press communication in the Benelux
  • Social media support


Flossbach Von Storch


Cologne-based Flossbach von Storch is one of Germany’s leading boutique investment companies. Their leitmotif of always being “consistently independent” ensures that their opinions, analyses, observations and investments are often unique and perhaps contrarian, but always successful. They also demand a unique yet qualitative approach from their PR partners, with the quality of articles always taking precedence over quantity.


Given that Flossbach von Storch is different from the others, we don’t oragnise large, international media events, but exclusive 1-on-1 visits to the headquarters in Germany for the main media, where one journalist gets the opportunity to talk for a whole day with founders Bert Flossbach and Kurt von Storch as well as some key portfolio managers.

Baillie Gifford


Scottish investment firm Baillie Gifford wanted to gain a bigger foothold in continental Europe. To this end, a Benelux office was opened in Amsterdam, and Befirm was tasked with ensuring that Baillie Gifford’s presence in the Benelux region received the necessary coverage in the major financial media, and by extension, would create impact among Baillie Gifford’s targeted clients.


Apart from unique investment strategies, Baillie Gifford also has accessible partners who are happy to provide more information about the company’s success in a straightforward and idiosyncratic way, a plus that media are keen to exploit. The result: an extensive cover story in De Tijd and L’Echo promptly led to a lot of awareness and interest from the other Tier 1 media.

Saxo Bank


As a brand, Saxo is still too unknown in Belgium.


Saxo has a team of strong market strategists, with an idiosyncratic view of the financial markets. At the end of each year, they share their “Outrageous Outlooks” for the following year. Befirm suggested organising a press conference with Saxo’s Chief Investment Officer concerning these outrageous outlooks, as part of a broader PR campaign around the topic.